Fall 2016 – Music Update



Well, well, well. New music? Well let’s say there’s some old tunes in new dresses as well.

Take Major Lazer and give them Showtek, mix them up in their new track Believer and you probably got another hit track. Love it.

We start off with David Guetta, Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis – Would I Lie To You.
Took me about 10 seconds to recognize the song.

Let’s move on to the 90s of today. Lost Frequencies – What Is Love.
This remake feels quite different to the original and i’m still not sure if I like it or not.
And there’s this instruments that remind me more of Swedish House Mafias Don’t you worry child.
What do you think?

If you’ve ever seen one of my music updates, you know i love Galantis. I do like their new track. I think it brings back the house to the music.
Galantis & Hook N Sling – Love On Me

Feder – Lordly (feat Alex Aiono)
U remember Feder? They hit it off with the track Goodbye. Which became popular but you either loved or hated it. They do come up with good new tracks that can be taken more serious. Like the new track Lordly. I do like it.

Troye Sivan – YOUTH
It seems since Troye is officially “out” he hits it off. His latest song “Heaven” is cool, but just recently i got to really like his song from earlier this year, youth. Brings back some youth memory.

Holz – 257ers
This one is on the list because of the funny video and lyrics. It’s in german, sorry. But they sing about wood and what you can do with it. Not silly enough? The music video shows Wood in teleshopping commercials. It’s so stupid that it actually gets a lot of attention in germany.

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Summer 2015 sound update

Hi all,

It’s about time for a summer sound update. Here we go:


Oliver Heldens – Bunnydance
This is electronica boys and girls. Feels like a classic track but it’s new. But all this bunnydancing…is this supposed to be cool now? 🙂 Check this one out:

Mad Kingz – Wanderlust
This is the sound I love. Chill out dance tracks. Give me more of this.

Moby feat. Damien Jurado – Almost Home (MÖVE Remix)
Remember Moby? I think his tracks can be very nicely remixed and fit to the chill dance track wave we got going on at the moment. This one is beautiful:

Anna Naklab feat. Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS – Supergirl
Remember Reamon with their song Supergirl? Well it has been recycled once more. But not in a really bad way. In a way that it fits to the beach. Or to you sunbathing on your balcony. Are you a supergirl? 🙂

Lil Kleine & Ronnie Flex – Drank & Drugs
Well, well, well. If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, you know that the dutch are just a bit different. So is this video. The track is in dutch, but you don’t need to understand the words, you will get it when you see the strange video 🙂

Be Cool & DCUP – Soul Makossa
Another recycled track. But they did a good job on it. What do you think?

Bodybangers & PH Electro – For You
Guess what, it’s a recycled track. Yeah. How innovative, right? This time I must say, there where better recyclings before. What do you think? This is the latest version:

6 years ago, Disco Boys recycled the track, way better in my opinion:

Niels van Gogh – Freaks
So what drug did you just take? This one is hard stuff. You must really be a fan of the good old EDM tracks or just be on whatever….. haha.


Eva Simons feat. Konshens – Policeman

So there’s a new Rihanna. Pretty much copy paste, no? But the track is fun. Great beat.

Maroon 5 – This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf*****
Maybe a potential summer 2015 anthem. Summer’s gonna hurt? We’ll see about that.

J-AX feat. IL CILE – Maria Salvador
Try something new? How about a typical summer track but italian style? Get a tasty italian ice cream, put on your headphones (you might not want to share the track with everyone else) and enjoy it. By the way, the song is average, but as it’s in italian, it just lifts it up.


Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz – Another You
Dance to trance? Ahh, remember the end of the 90s with trance music being hype? Well trance still exists on a way lover level. Especially in clubs or summer festivals, we still get to hear some trance, mostly very adapted for the mass market. Armin van Buuren is probably my favorite in this genre, that’s why I like his latest track:

Zedd – Beautiful Now
After his track “I want you to know” feat. Selena Gomez, Zedd comes with his next track Beautiful Now. It’s a great happy summer dance track.

Axwell & Ingrosso – Sun Is Shining
Well, what to expect from Axwell and Ingrosso. Anthems of course. It’s summer time and the sun is shining. It so reminds me of the 90s. But of course better produced. Takes you back to happy trance mode.

Feel free to share your favourite tracks with me.
Have a great day.


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Hot or not? Here’s new dance tracks for you.

Good evening everyone,
Let’s make it short. I got a playlist on my phone called “favs”…my favorite songs of the week….I change the songs quite fast usually….well, todays change brought the following tracks/remixes to my “favs”:

Zara Larsson – Uncover (Richello Remix)
Zara’s Uncover sticks……it’s on the radio like every half hour…uncover..uncover…uncover…ok….it’s a really beautiful song and I get it…but let’s give it a new twist, let’s put the track on the dancefloor. An awesome remix by Richello. Never heard of Richello before. U? I guess we’ll here more from him/her…

The Disco Boys – Taxi nach Paris (Fabelwelt Radio Edit)
New, new, new. The germans sitting in a taxi to go to Paris. It’s a really cool laid back dance track with french sounds and german vocals. This is european EDM.

Marina Kaye – Homeless (Ghost is a DJ Remix)
Do you know the original track? I hope so. It’s just beautiful vocals. I love the fact this version giving it an uptempo but not killing the mood of the original.

Walk The Moon – Shut Up And Dance With Me (The White Panda Remix)
Ohhh, same as above…Original track is already awesome. Get it if you don’t have it yet!
Here’s a really cool remix, currently on my playlist.

Galantis – Peanut Butter Jelly
Galantis impressed me last year with their track Runaway . The follow up is actually quite different but awesome as well. Are the 80s coming back or is it just me? 😉 Get your Peanut Butter Jelly and hop on the dancefloor.

Tiësto & KSHMR feat VASSY – Secrets (Original Mix)
Well, If you don’t know Tiësto you might have been sleeping the last 10 years or you have not yet been to the middle east or southern parts of europe. This track feat. VASSY is 6 weeks old. It’s no pop radio playlist track, it’s a clubbing track, and it’s a real good one.

Watermät & TAI – Frequency

Dance everyone, dance. I imagine being in a great club with an awesome crowd and great music when the DJ puts on this track. Go to second 35 of the track and imagine a crowd on the dancefloor just waiting for any sign of “this track will be good” to start screaming of joy…well….second 35 is when they start to scream. 🙂

Feel free to share your favourite tracks with me.
Have a great day.


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European chill & dance – Outlook summer 2015

Hello my friends,

How’s everyone these days? It’s spring time. The season where you have to be ready with both your summer and winther clothing and along to the weather changes there’s a lot of mood changes too. Take the rainy cool days with the slightly sad faces passing you while on the way to work. Take the smiles that you get from people passing by over lunch break with their first ice cream of the season in their hand as it’s a sunny warm day.

I think the perfect sound to this season are tracks that let you both chill or dance. They fit both in sad and happy mood. Let’s go for happy when listening to them:

Klingande feat Broken Back – Riva (France)
Well, we know Klingande already with Tracks like “Jubel”, “Punga” or “Netzwerk”. The french artists (yes, they’re french, not german) is back with this new track.

Feder – Goodbye feat Lyse (France)
I listen to the dance station on Hotmixradio a lot (french app) and the track is in the heavy rotation, hitting the charts in italy as well. It does have potential to be the summer track for europe this year. It sticks! French electro project, what else… 🙂

Kygo – Stole The Show (Sweden)
Ohhh Kygo, Kygo. I love Kygo. My mood lightens up everytime I listen to a Kygo song. They all kind of sound alike. You can actually get lost in Kygo sound and don’t really keep track on how many tracks you’ve listened to….they just flow by in a happy way.
Did he steal the show with his new track, what do you think?

Philipp Dittberner & Marv – Wolke 4 (Germany)
Since most chill dance tracks do have english vocals (if they have vocals at all) I thought it would be cool to post this one in german. It hits the charts in germany and is actually quite nice even if you don’t know that “Wolke 4” means cloud 4.  🙂

Robin Schulz feat Ilsey- Headlights  (Germany)
Well, let’s stay in germany but switch to english now. After “Prayer in C” and “Sun goes down” the expectations are high for Robin Schulz when releasing a new track. Honestly, the latest track does not keep up with “Prayer in c” but it’s a really cool track with potential. Proof that Robin Schulz is no “one hit wonder” but can deliver what music with commercial potential. Enjoy.

Nickless – Waiting (Switzerland)
This is rather pop music. Nickless just gets known in Switzerland with this song hitting the swiss charts. A sweet song and a charming singer. We’ll see how far this one gets. Good luck. I thought I share it, since I’m swiss as well and am glad to listen to new music from around the corner 🙂

Happy spring feelings to everyone. Peace, love & Respect


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Pop music update – April 2015

Hi guys,

It’s time to check out what’s new and hot in the music industry around the world. This time get ready to swing and dance to pop and reggae(ton).

Major Lazer & DJ Snake  – Lean On (USA)
This project by DJ Diplo hits the charts around the world. Check out the video. I ‘d say western pop meets indian culture.

Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me (Belgium)
This track was actually released back in september 2014 but seems to peak just now.
A perfect dance track from 22 years old Felix De Laet from Belgium aka Lost Frequencies.

Nicky Jam y Enrique Iglesias – El Perdón (Dominican Republic & Spain)
Reggaeton can be good and it can be great when it’s in spanish. Just sounds way better in my opinion. What do you think? Here’s a brand new track from Nicky Jam supported by E.I. 🙂

Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes (Sweden)
Home of Abba, Ace of Bace, Roxette, Swedish House Mafia and of course Avicii. Sweden is known for big dance and pop tracks. For this years Eurovision Song contest they’ll try their luck with Måns track “Heroes”.  Take an Avicii-soundalike-track, place a cute blond guy in front of the micro and ready is their potential winner for this years Eurovision.

Louane – Avenir (France)
Now here’s you daily dose of pop music. This one is from french singer and artist Louane. Sweet 18 years old and already tops the french charts with her track “Avenir”. If you don’t like it, you might just not be into french pop music 🙂

LunchMoney Lewis – Bills (USA)
LunchMoney Lewis is the son of Ian Lewis – one of the founders of the Band “Inner Circle”. I’m sure you remember them with their fantastic song lyrics such as: A la la la la long…. 🙂
The track “Bills” will make you swing on the dancefloor.

Years and Years – King (UK)
Here’s your London electropop served on a video that reminds me somewhat of Elastic Heart by Sia. Just think of the video but in a group version 🙂

Don’t hesitate to send in your favourite songs from around the planet.
Happy easter break everyone.

Stay tuned.


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Music update march 2015 – the swiss edition

Hi guys,

Well, Switzerland is probably known for a lot of things. Banks, chocolate, cows, cheese and of course Roger Federer. But music? Well, maybe not that much. If you’re not swiss and you can name a swiss musician, let me know in a comment/post 🙂

Anyhow, this does not mean that swiss music is nonexisting or bad. There’s some cool stuff from time to time, and I wanna share some new swiss music with you.

LEAL – Disco Ball
Carlos Leal is a great actor. Up until today I didn’t know that he’s into music.
His track is in french and somewhat really cool.

James Gruntz – Heart keeps dancing
James is a singer/songwriter from Basel and just released his latest track “Heart keeps dancing”. The grove fits perfectly to those spring days when it gets warmer and you can’t wait for the days where you can chill outside in the sunshine refilling energy for body and mind.

Mike Candys feat. Max C. – Last man on earth
Well, the full song is not out yet, but a teaser is ready for you. Mike Candys from the suburbs of Zurich is maybe known to some of you with his track: One night in Ibiza, so you know what to expect. Typical electronic dance music for the mainstream clubs and radio stations or to sing along when listening on your music player.

Lo & Leduc – Jung verdammt
Well, this one is not really electronic dance track, but I can’t leave u here without posting a popular song in swiss german. Might sound like a weird language to you, but it’s actually a song in my bernese dialect of swiss german and when dj’s play this track in our clubs, everyone sings along. Enjoy guessing the lyrics 🙂

Have fun with the tracks or as I would say: Viu Spass bim lose vo denä Songs.


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The remix update – March 2015

Hi guys,

This update is made for everyone who likes mainstream pop and dance music and would like to update the daily music rotation with some nice remixes.

First of all, I wanted to post a link to Ali Stones Disco remix of Taylor Swifts “Style”. But It seems to be deleted from any page. Too bad. Anyhow, I do have the remix with me…….

Ellie Goulding – Love me like you do (ATB Remix)
Remember Eurodance and Trance? Then you must remember Andreas Tannberger aka ATB. Well he’s back with this Remix of Ellie Gouldings Love me like you do. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande & Kendji Girac – One last time
Are you into fusion kitchen, fusion sounds, fusion anything? Well, take Ariana Grande and the rising star on the french music sky Kendji Girac and you get an english-french fusion of her new track “One last time”. Voilà.

Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney – Four five seconds (Afrojack Remix)
This one is kinda untypical Afrojack. But it does stick. Giving the song a nice uptempo beat, taking the song somewhere in between sofa depression and dancefloor 🙂

Alesso feat. Roy English – Cool
Ok, ok. This one ain’t no remix. But it’s a brand new track by Alesso. If you don’t know yet, I love Alesso. Need to share this one. If you really need a remix, I’ll post 2 for you below the video.

Spring is coming. Live it. Love it. Peace & hugs.


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